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Top 5 international cuisines in America that you will love

Top 5 international cuisines in America that you will love

Delicious food is made in many parts of the world. Every region has its unique features and tastes. If you have the willingness to try different dishes, then here are five international cuisines you should try.


Italian food is a simple dish, and so many people prefer it. It only uses few ingredients. Tomatoes and basil, olive oil, etc. are typical Italian ingredients. In these restaurants, desserts are also served like cake, cheese, ice cream, sweets and cookies.



Indian food represents hot curries with chilli and raita. Most main dishes are based on rice. Vegetarian and seafood are also present. Ginger, cumin, cardamon, saffron, coriander, nutmeg, etc. add a distinct flavour to the Indian food.


The basic Mexican food includes chicken, tortillas, corn, rice, beans, etc. These dishes are spiced up with cumin, cinnamon, garlic, onions and chilli. You will also find peanuts, avocado, tomato, chocolate, etc. in plenty amounts in Mexican meals.


Common Thai food includes stir-fried rice, noodle dishes with curry sauces and lots of vegetables. Chilli, Thai basil, coconut and lemon grass are wide used in Thai dishes.


Most Chinese meals are served in small pieces so that it can be picked up by chopsticks. Basic Chinese food includes rice and noodles. Vegetables and chillies are common in Chinese dishes.

As these international cuisines are becoming popular, more restaurants are emerging in different parts of America.  Now you will find specialised restaurants serving only Italian food or only Indian food. So, now you can eat delicious Italian food sitting in America.


5 ways American and European eating habits are different

5 ways American and European eating habits are different

The eating habits of the Americans and Europeans are not same. The culture is different, and so are the foods. Here are five differences in their eating habits.

Portion sizes

In America, everything is bigger than in Europe. A small drink in America is equal to a medium or large drink in Europe. Some cafes and restaurants in America don’t even offer small sizes; they straight away offer the regular sizes.

Cost of food

The price of vegetables and fruits are high in America compared to that in Europe. The price of processed food and fast foods are less in America. So, now you know why the Americans are getting fatter day by day.

Type of food

Americans lead a faster life than the Europeans. They are always in a hurry and do everything fast. They prefer food that is quick to eat. Europeans, on the other hand, can spend hours at the dining table. So, they don’t prefer fast food.


Americans have a sweet tooth for breakfast. They have dishes like a muffin, pancakes with syrup, Nutella covered cake, etc. French, on the other hand, hardly eats breakfast.

Alcohol consumption

You will see most Europeans drinking wine in cafes and streets. Americans drink beers. Europeans are nowadays changing their drinking habit. They have started drinking beers like the Americans.

Looking at these differences, it is evident that the differences in eating habits occur due to the cultural differences in these countries. Increased volume of immigration to these countries is slowing changing these habits, though.


4 foods you must eat when you travel to Europe

4 foods you must eat when you travel to Europe

One of the reasons people travel to Europe is to taste the great food. The dishes there are created with perfection and care. Here are the four foods you must try in Europe.

Chocolate Croissant

It is a must have a snack on a trip to Europe. It is found in almost every cafes and pastry shops for breakfast. It can be a good afternoon snack as well. It is a cube-shaped dough like a puff pastry with pieces of chocolate inside. It is mostly found in Paris. A fresh croissant and a cup of coffee will make your day when you are in Europe.

Doner Kebab

It is a famous Turkish dish. You will find these on every street of Europe. These are the meaty mixtures that are spun around upright on a spit. Some succulent slices of meat are sliced off from it and served. The meat is sliced off into a pita and topped lettuce, olives, tomatoes, etc. It was a local dish once, but it spread in Europe and other regions due to immigration. It’s a great quick bite on the go, and you will love it.

Anything with Nutella

This chocolate hazelnut spread is very popular in Europe. You will find Nutella crepe in France. It is a large snack made fresh on the spot. You get a hot, dripping dough and chocolate. In Belgium, Nutella is used on famous Belgian waffles.


Many people think that ice cream and gelato are the same things. But it’s not true. Gelato has more sugar and cream. It is softer and has less air. You can get great gelato in Italy. When you choose gelato, you should look at the colour and texture. The colour should be natural, not too brightly coloured. The texture shouldn’t be over-fluffy.

Remember to try this food on your next trip to Europe. These foods are very popular all across Europe and can be found in street shops as well.